Based in Lancashire, Chris Woodworth (aka Magi'Chris) is a Close Up Magician / Illusionist who performs at a wide spectrum of events. His style combines both street and table magic.

Keeping his individualism, Magi'Chris lets his quirky personality shine, as he continues to captivate audiences far and wide. As he shares his art form, he is remembered for the way he connects with people, and spectators have described his approach as warm, laid back, and unassuming. Due to this, the magic that follows really packs a powerful, unexpected punch. Fun, laughter and awe regularly ensues!

He is quite the chameleon of the 'magic world', adapting his laid back style to suit the loud, active settings of bars and clubs, to the more formal surroundings such as corporate events, galas and weddings. His magic involves cards, money, tissue, mobile phones, and random objects that belong to other people.

To date, he continues to document his performances and experiences when he travels abroad, creating and uploading videos to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. He has baffled spectators on his travels to New York, Hollywood(Los Angeles), San Francisco, Sicily, Jakarta, and Bali.

It's one thing to watch magic on tv, but there's nothing quite like the riveting experience of witnessing it in person, close up, and very interactive. Magi'Chris will definitely make your event one to remember, giving your guests something to talk about for many years to come!